Sunday, June 19, 2011

Camp Day

Yesterday we took Earl out to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park for a little hike. The weather was ideal... breezy and cool. We spent the day with friends and did a 9km hike (5.5miles). Earl was a trooper and looked smashing in his I AM NOT A DEER bandana.

A new friend

Recently I received a notifcation from Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption. Apparently they had received a request from an Ottawa greyhound adoption association that a hound adopted from them was missing in Thunder Bay! I was thinking to myself... "What???? there are more greyhounds in town?" (Apparently there at least three more.)

Anyway... Earl and went out to see if we could find the missing hound, a girl named Snappy. We were unsuccessful but found out that later that day, after missing for 67 hours, Snappy had been found by a family a few miles away from her home.

Since then we have been in touch with Snappy's owner and last weekend went out for a short walk with Earl's new GF.