Monday, August 10, 2009

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

I received an email from Northern Lights Greyhounds saying that someone who had previously adopted a greyhound from them was looking to get in touch with me. I emailed back and apparently the people adopted a dog from NLGA two years ago, and live in Thunder Bay! Not only that... they are on my side of the city! Hopefully we will be able to get the dogs together for a visit.

My niece brought her Beagle over last week. This was Hunter's first time off-leash in the city (our back yard) and he and Earl had a nice time playing with each other. It was good to see.


The company I work for has switched buildings, and the entire transition will most likely take a couple weeks. For this reason, mine and Earl's routine has had to be adjusted. Instead of Earl coming to work with me, like has since I first got him, I bring him back home after our morning walk and head off to work alone. :-(

I have adjusted my lunch break to one-hour so I can drive home (10 minutes) and take him for his walk at lunch. Today was a little weird though. I came home... and Earl was nowhere to be found. I phoned my wife on the cell phone and asked "....uh....where's my dog?". She had him. Apparently he just had to go with her when she went out for coffee and to drive my daughter to her second job.

Hopefully once things settle down at work Earl will be able to come back... but we will have to see... the arrangements at the new locations are not as pet-friendly as the original job site.


Earl is stereotyped. Everything he did not do when I first got him, he now does. For example:

He had it, but it has pretty much filled in with newly grown hair.

Not often, only a couple times, but he has done it, and it is pretty funny.

He tries, but we are faster than he is in this endeavour.

Oh yeah.

That's him!

June 13, 2009

Not just when I come home... even when my wife comes home!

He does this a lot! Especially when he and I are roughousing in the living room.

When I come out of the house to play in the backyard after having my morning shower, Earl is all about the Play-Bow.

To the extreme.... sometimes it looks like Earl is a statue that has been upended.

When we try hard enough, we can get him going with this. The first time we did it... my wife had no idea what was happening and it was quite funny.

Earl loves having his ears scratched. When we do it... he really pushes his whole head against your hand.

This is Earl's second favourite position, right after his "dead deer" pose.

These are part of our usual morning routine, two minutes of Zoomies and then our half hour walk.