Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life with Earl

Earl is a minor celebrity. All my daughter's friends want to see Earl. The neighbours want to visit Earl. My co-workers want to take him home. Life is good for Earl.

I have been extremely fortunate in having a boss who has generously allowed Earl to come to work with me. This has made life with Earl wonderful. Our routine consists of an early morning walk each day for 30 minutes, a short walk around the company property at 10am, another 30 minute walk during the lunch hour, another short walk around 2:30 around the company property again, then we head home at 4pm. In the evening Earl and I also go for a walk in the evening for 30 minutes to an hour.

Life in the household has been great with Earl. He has staked out his own piece of property in the living room, where he drops himself like a dead deer, no matter where we put his special dog pillow bed.

Earl went for his first local vet visit and did great. No behaviour problems. The vet said she would like to see him add 10% to his body weight, so we have been feeding him a bit extra with his meals. Next appointment is in a couple weeks, so we will see how he does with his weight gain.

Initially upon taking up residence in our home Earl was pretty low-key. He is starting to come into his own, developing his personality and playing with his stuffed animals.

Each night when it is time for bed, we turn out the lights... and shortly thereafter, Earl wanders into our bedroom to make sure we are safe and sound.

Earl has also started collecting some of our personal items... t-shirts left carelessly on the floor... sandals, slippers...and one time... almost my wristwatch!

So far, having Earl has been exactly what i expected and we all love him!

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