Friday, August 20, 2010

Running Circles!

Not sure if I have started a bad habit with Earl or if we are just bonding even more LOL. The other evening I was having a nice evening enjoying Earl's company, so when bed time came... I brought his bed into our bedroom and plopped on the floor next to my side of the bed. Earl and I both enjoyed a good nights sleep. The next night, after watching some TV, it seemed Earl was zonked out on his bed, this time in the middle of the living room. I turned off the lights and made my way to bed... but only seconds after climbing into bed I could hear the tap-tap-tap of Earl's nails on the floor as he followed me into the bedroom. I am such a pushover that when he looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes I went and grabbed his bed and put it next to me again. We have done this for a few nights now... uh oh....

Meanwhile... last weekend the weather was very beautiful and we were out puttering in the backyard, with some help from Earl. Here is a little video of Earl's activity level that day. My apologies for the quality of the video, it was shot with an inexpensive digital camera (not even a video camera).


  1. His crazy ears going every which way is too funny as he plays with the toy. Earl, you're living the life of Riley!

  2. He really is enjoying life, he has a great home. He started out runnig backwards for a racing track and then he corrected himself and went the right way, and on to win!!!