Monday, August 10, 2009


The company I work for has switched buildings, and the entire transition will most likely take a couple weeks. For this reason, mine and Earl's routine has had to be adjusted. Instead of Earl coming to work with me, like has since I first got him, I bring him back home after our morning walk and head off to work alone. :-(

I have adjusted my lunch break to one-hour so I can drive home (10 minutes) and take him for his walk at lunch. Today was a little weird though. I came home... and Earl was nowhere to be found. I phoned my wife on the cell phone and asked "....uh....where's my dog?". She had him. Apparently he just had to go with her when she went out for coffee and to drive my daughter to her second job.

Hopefully once things settle down at work Earl will be able to come back... but we will have to see... the arrangements at the new locations are not as pet-friendly as the original job site.

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