Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Week Later

Earl and I managed to avoid another torturous hike this weekend and instead walked partially around Boulevard Lake, a lake in the city here with a 5km (3 miles) walking path around it.

Earlier this week I took Earl to a nearby dog park where he frolicked with the other pups for a short while. When Earl put on his speed show everyone's jaws dropped and there were many comments like "Wow. That is a fast dog." A couple days later we went back and it was fun watching Earl run the perimeter of the dog park, with another dog trying to keep up. Eventually the slower dog tried to "head-em off at the pass" and take a short cut across the dog park... but as the other dog drew near, Earl simply went into overdrive and put on a burst of speed. It was amazing to see.

There has been a new development at work... the boss has introduced another dog into the dog-at-work mix! Apollo, a rescue pup, part husky part ??? started coming to the shop last week. Fortunately Earl thinks having a playmate at work is great! Inclement weather has meant no going to the dog park recently but next time the weather is nice we will take the two dogs for a romp.

1 comment:

  1. There is nothing like watching a greyhound run.
    You'll have to take pics of Earl and his new puppy playmate!