Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A few weeks ago I was out walking Earl while on my lunch break. As we were strollling along the sidewalk a woman got out of her SUV to say she just had to come see Earl. After some conversation I learned that her husband had spotted Earl and I out for a walk a couple weeks earlier... then this particular day, her son had seen us out and about and had called her (Debbie) at work to give her our exact location. She left work and tracked us down and explained that their family had adopted a greyhound from GRA Canada in January.

GRA Canada was one of the options I had considered when looking for a greyhound but I did not want to make the 17 hour drive when the time came to get a new family member, which is why I opted for NLGA. It turns out Debbie flew to GRA Canada to pick up Honey. One of the differences between NLGA and GRA Canada is that the dogs from GRA Canada have had no experience with home life... they are straight from the track.

We talked about trying to get together, possibly with some other hounds, and it finally happened this past Sunday. Woohoo!!! As far as we know there are only five greyhounds in Thunder Bay... but we managed to get four of them out for a romp at the dog park.

They all got along famously and everyone loved it when they finally decided to go for a run.

The dogs were Earl, Honey (red, from GRA Canada), Dove (white and brindle, never raced) and Baker (brindle, NLGA)... and Sadie... a whippet who shares the house with Honey.

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