Monday, September 7, 2009

The Things You Find

I have noticed while walking Earl that people lose a lot of things while they are out and about, and they also litter a lot! I leave the litter alone, but get a kick out of "collecting" things people have lost, and I have started a "treasure chest" of items.

By my house are a couple soccer fields, and when people are not playing soccer I guess golf neophytes like to use the field as an unofficial driving range, hence the golf balls.

The pink baseball cap started out as a deep red, however after it became Earl's favourite play-toy, it began to fade after almost three months in the sun.

The rubber work gloves are in pristine condition and were found in the parking lot of the local elementary school. They must have belonged to one of the janitors.

The waterbottle had some beer caps and paper towels stuffed inside.

The running shoes were found hanging over the fence at the soccer field.

The baby toy I found on the sidewalk in front of my house, which technically, I would have found whether I was out walking Earl or not, but as it happens I was walking Earl. I hung it from the tree in front of the house in hopes that the owner would come around again, but after several days, no one claimed another prize for the treasure chest.

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