Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bath Time!

Not far from us is a car wash that has bays where you wand wash your car... not one of those new-fangled drive through car washes where you get to sit inside. At this particular carwash there is a separate room for a doggie wash with an area to shower your dog and an area to dry your faithful companion. We have taken Earl there once before and he did fine. This time however we decided not to venture out, and for the first time, we showered him at home.

To start... Earl did not even want to enter the bathroom. And to be honest... the bathroom is very small, so with my wife already in the room... and then trying to get Earl in there... no wonder he was nervous.

In the end... I lifted Earl (all 73.1 lbs) into the bathtub. He was shaking but not once did he try to bolt out of the tub.

Like a trooper Earl stood and allowed himself to be scrubbed and buffed with nice warm water... and not once did his legs give out on him.

After the shower and some toweling off Earl scampered into the living room where he rubbed himself along the front of both the love seat and sofa to further dry himself.... he was so excited it was like he was a puppy!

After Earl settled down, he was rewarded by being snuggled in MY bathrobe!


  1. Wonderful job Earl! You look so stinkin' cute under your pop's bathrobe.

  2. He sure seems like a good guy !!!