Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Visit To The Airport

Today my daughter went back to school in Toronto. She insisted that Earl see her off at the airport. So along with her overweight suitcases we also packed Earl in the van. While dogs are allowed in the airport, they are not allowed upstairs in the waiting area, only downstairs where the luggage carousels and ticket agents are located.

It was down here that we sat and enjoyed our morning coffee while travellers oooo-ed and awwww-ed over Earl. One ticket agent finally made her way over to us and we thought she was going to tell us that only small dogs were allowed in the airport. Instead, she said that she had watched us walk by her three times and had to come over and see Earl up close.

It was pretty much a non-stop procession of people coming to visit Earl. One little girl... not quite two years old, actually walked right up to Earl and planted a kiss right on his nose. Good thing Earl is so easy going and takes all the attention in stride.

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  1. You're such a greyt ambassador. Way to rock it at the airport and melt some hearts <3