Sunday, September 12, 2010

Curious Earl.

While going through a local household accessory store I couldn't believe my eyes! There... peeking from the top shelf of one of the display racks... a greyhound statue! Now, I did not go out looking for this particular accessory, but since I am refurnishing our rec room, I thought this would be the perfect addition. Who knew I was such a decorating genius?

We had the statue sitting on the kitchen table when we first got it home. Later in the evening Earl meandered into the kitchen and the statue immediately caught his attention.

Earl did not know what to make of this addition to the household. He cocked his head curiously... walked back and forth to take a look from a different angle... then at one point placed his paws on the table to get a closer look.

After we took the statue down from the table we placed it in the living room... and Earl sniffed all around it... ever so curious. Later, when we were away from the living room and just Earl and the statue together... we suddenly heard little "chirps" from Earl... which we have never heard before. We think maybe he was talking to the statue.

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  1. What a great big beautiful boy. I love this photo. Thanks.